West Promotionshilfe

We are offering you the following services

  1. Helping to choose an optimized doctor thesis theme corresponding to your possibilities and interests,moreover top-prepared,so your work expense will bei really reduced.

  1. Making contacts to your doctorate father,absolutely qualified and prepared to attend you as external doctorate candidate and representing your interests in tue faculty.

  1. Analysis of the diploma and doctors degree laws in Germany and Europe referring to your personal premises and necessary language capacities/doctorate seminars/certificates,among other things with the aim to find the best way for your project.

  1. Choosing a german or european faculty, may be also out of Europe, with the unrestricted right to achieve doctors degree according to your educational and temporal possibilities.Working together in Institut tasks is normally not required.Nevertheless you can take over in certain cases a professorship,if you are interested.

  1. Assistance in finding the best marketing and way to publish your doctorate thesis.

  1. We are also assisting to achieve doctors degree for candidates graduated from technical or professional high schools or universities.

You will obtain the following result:

After the successful finishing of your doctors graduation you will recieve from the respective national or nationally accepted university your academic degree of a “Doctor (Dr.)” in your special subject.

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